I have watched for forty years as CARD grew from a small six-person agency to its current size of 36 fulltime staff plus over 250 part-time and temporary employees – all while taking on many added programs and managing 19 parks and facilities. When I made the decision to run for the CARD Board I analyzed the current Budget, financial statements, and the proposed Master Plan. It became evident how well managed CARD has already been. CARD has utilized sound strategic and financial planning while meeting the communities’ diverse recreational needs. It shows the strength of past boards and the need for competent and dedicated board members going forward. I promise to continue this careful, responsible style as a Director.

Detailed Goals

  • Continue CARD’s fiscally responsible management
  • Maintain the existing culture of carefully selecting new proposals – taking into
    account financial sustainability and CARD’s diverse objectives
  • Preserve and foster cooperation with other agencies to maximize the use of
    existing local facilities
  • Support CARD programs that continue to serve our youth and seniors specifically
  • Assure that CARD’s facilities and programs offer a safe experience
  • Highlight CARD resources and facilities beyond the Chico area to bring in
    large events that will stimulate the local economy